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Join Our CSA

CSA stands for "Community Supported Agriculture". It's simply an agreement in which you purchase a share in our garden. Your share provides a portion of the farm's expenses, including labor and the purchase of seeds and supplies. In return, you'll receive 12 weekly baskets of seasonal produce from our garden. Think of it as owning a garden, but not having to pull the weeds!

Beaverdam Creek Mill

Stone Ground.  Small Batch.

Once upon a time, a Georgia boy ate a bowl of stone-ground grits from a mill over yonder in the North Georgia mountains. They were just about the finest grits he'd ever tasted. When he moved to the beautiful, rolling hills of Middle Tennessee and started farming organically, he knew he had to get himself his very own stone mill and grind some organic corn. He procured his first little mill with  5" stones at a yard sale. Then he fiddled and fussed and tinkered until he came up with the perfect grind. This little mill and a few hand sifters proved ample to turn out enough grits and cornmeal for his family to enjoy with a few extra packages to carry to the farmers market to sell. His grits and cornmeal quickly became so popular that he found himself grinding and sifting late into the nights just to keep up with demand. By and by, he purchased a larger mill with 13" pink granite stones and an electric sifter. Nowadays, Beaverdam Creek Mill is known by chefs and foodies throughout the South as a producer of superior stone ground grains. 

100% Grass Fed

Grass Fed Beef

No grains, ever!

About Us

We're a small family farm. Our guiding principle is to improve the health of our farm, our family, and our community by utilizing farm management practices which allow us to raise our produce the way our Creator intended: free of harmful chemicals, antibiotics, growth stimulants, and GMOs.

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