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Stone Ground

Grits & Cornmeal

We specialize in small-batch, freshly milled grains for folks who appreciate quality. We utilize a stone-burr electric mill.

Stone grinding is a slow, cool process that retains all the nutrients and delicious flavor of the grains. All this attention to detail makes for the most delicious grits and cornmeal you've ever tasted.

Stone Ground Grits

Our grits are stone ground in small batches from Tennessee-grown Certified Organic corn. Grinding corn on stone mills is something that millers have been doing for thousands of years. It's a slow process that retains all of the natural oils and the hull contained in the corn kernel, producing grits that are rich, creamy and delicious.

There's nothing more comforting than a steaming bowl of stone ground grits for breakfast. You can gussy them up with a pat of butter, some grated cheese or even a smidgen of hot sauce. Some folks like to drizzle in a bit of cream. And (if you're not from the South) you might have an inclination to stir in a little sugar. We won't hold that against you!

​These grits contain no preservatives. So, they'll keep longer stored in your ice box.

They're non-GMO, of course.

Stone Ground Cornmeal

Our cornmeal is stone ground from Tennessee-grown Certified Organic corn. We like things slow here in the south. So the methodical, stone grinding of the mill wheels resonates with our souls.  This age-old process retains all of the natural oils and the hull contained in the corn kernel, producing a cornmeal with a more vibrant flavor and a multidimensional texture that far surpasses the bland, denatured meal churned out by high-heat industrialized milling.


Authentic Southern cooks know that only the best stone ground cornmeal will do when baking skillet cornbread, frying a mess of hushpuppies or cooking up a big ol' stack of cornmeal flap jacks.

​Our cornmeal contains no preservatives. So, it'll keep longer stored in your ice box.

It's non-GMO, too!

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